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My Journal On Display

I'm going to start collecting a category of posts that will be deeply personal. I imagine this will be very cathartic for me.

I've loved writing since I was a kid, but I've had difficulty in its practice and in staying consistent in it until this year. I'd go through small spurts where I'd produce articles for publications and write for my blog but they'd never last long. I would stop writing regularly as quickly as I started to focus on my other responsibilities.

But this year I was granted an amazing opportunity with a steady paid writing gig that keeps me on a weekly hourly schedule . With this, I've found more discipline to stay more persistent in my personal , daily journaling. I've been journaling more often, more consistently, and with clearer thought.

So to make this web address a place of sincere thought and reflection, I've decided to sift through the many journal entries I've made, and post some .I'll be very careful in choosing which I post and edit them from the stream of consciousness way in which I wrote them with my pen to something more readable. I'll select only the few that I think can speak something of meaning to the largest collection of people at all moments in their own walkabouts.

Here's the first:

Reading Outwitting the Devil (by Napolean Hill ) this morning. He spoke that the Devil doesn't fear his opposition because none of them/us will last long on this earth. But he fears Truth (nothing else) because it will give man freedom from fear.

This seems like the great call to truth that I've been reminded of in the last year from reading and listening to thinkers like Jordan Peterson. It seems more sorted in my head after my reading this morning. Speaking truth in my words, in my work, this is the inheritance I leave behind when I go.

My body of great work will be more of the truth to guide those walking with me, in this time, and also those who are after who will see the light dawn. This is my warrior calling in the way that doesn't make the phrase seem trite. This is why I still appear as a protector at the gate, in everyday form that I take. This is why I had to act out that form physically to live out the metaphor and train the mind. To be one who could be called upon eventually - emotionally, spiritually, in words and deeds. Maybe physically in uncertain times as this all leads to.

I am this still in this life because it's blackest still. There's call to grab the hands of the other truth tellers, poets, guardians, prophets and speak with them through the dark air to tell those who's eyes have been scratched shut the light is on the horizon and we can stand in it if we keep walking toward it. I'm still in this form as protector because I had been the battler always and this conflict needs to still be fought in the darkest of all my visits here so that the children now may open their eyes at dawn to see the light.

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