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  • Jesse Irizarry

"Definiteness Of Purpose" | My Journal On Display

Definiteness of purpose - an idea from Napolean Hill in his book "Outwitting the Devil." At the end of the book he tells his readers that his was to organize a "philosophy of individual achievement."

Organizing a philosophy. That's an intention I've never thought through. It's a different kind of lense to view a life's purpose from what I was using. I've always related to a purpose and a great, important work as something that had to produced. Some product, good, service that was offered. Even an idea of creating a system of action of sorts.

But what of this idea of outlining a philosophy - a mode of thinking and through these thoughts a mode of being? Not the action of habit-forming but the reflection to and devotion of principles. Those that guide it all.

I talk a lot about the principles of movement. I teach them to my students. I think often about what the principles are in the movement arts I'm learning. How about the principles at the bedrock of being itself?

What of organizing these principles? And with these principles organized, anyone can then be directed to look inward, deeper, toward the Divine.

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