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5 Instructive Videos Of Day-To-Day Actions that  Keep You Grounded and Keep You Training  Like You Want  

You’re not an endless well of energy. If you take some water out, you have to dig further down to replace it and keep it coming. 

If you keep hitting walls in your training or can’t seem to keep yourself from repeating cycles of burnout, injury, or plateaus, pushing further in the same direction isn’t the answer. You need daily upkeep to make sure the whole system keeps progressing toward it’s potential.


What’s In-training Mean?

Nothing yet really. I made up the word. But I want to spread the idea. The idea that you can’t keep training and working out hard without regular upkeep. We all need to downshift weekly, if not daily. We need to work inside. This partly means recovery as it’s usually thought of, but it’s not just about gadgets and massages and therapies.

It means restoring balance inside ourselves, both physiologically and psychologically, because one is not without the other. 

Training means we use energy, we cause stress. In-training will help us build this energy back, provide mental and physical relief. And with this, we can then truly allow for the body to adapt and grow and progress past its baseline.


This relief can come partly from what we consume, mindful movements, and from resting our minds. 


I’ve tested these ideas with myself and with many others. And I've been self-experimenting for well over a decade. 


Spreading these actions throughout the day, week, month makes them much more manageable and makes it more likely for you to do each day. Check out what I mean and take what you find useful.


Morning "Check Offs"

Evening "Check Offs" & Release 

Daily Considerations

Monthly Considerations

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